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    Frequently asked questions

    Does the Operabase Casting Tool support casting for opera, ballet, classical, musicals, theatre, concerts?
    Yes, the Casting Tool is designed for opera, ballet, classical, musicals, theatre, and concerts. It offers advanced search filters, enabling efficient artist evaluation for various roles and productions across genres.
    Can the Casting Tool help me find talent for cast, crew, instrumentalists and more?
    Yes, the Casting Tool is designed for extensive searching. With 700,000+ performances and 150,000+ artists, it offers comprehensive data across the performing arts. Casting professionals can explore a wide range of options, regularly updated with new performers and casting information.
    What professions does the Casting Tool allow me to search for?
    You can search for numerous professions on the Casting Tool such as: On-stage artists like singers and actors. Off-stage artists and crew members including composers and stage directors. Instrumentalists such as pianists and violinists. There are over 20,000 work roles available on the Casting Tool for you to explore.
    How does the Casting Tool help with season planning?
    The Casting Tool streamlines casting with a user-friendly interface and advanced search filters, making talent search efficient for finding ideal artists quickly.
    How does the Casting Tool help with last minute replacements?
    Operabase Casting Tool lets you customise searches for suitable talent. Use advanced filters like language proficiency and performance experience to quickly find artists matching your specific needs. Efficiently narrow down results for timely replacements.
    How many artists are listed in the Casting Tool?
    There are over 150,000 artists listed in the Casting Tool. This includes singers/performers, off-stage artists, crew members, instrumentalists, and other musicians.