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15 - 17 feb. 2020
Farinelli, Bretón,T,  
Teatro Lírico Nacional de la Zarzuela2 Performances
20 februar 2020www.codalario.comRaúl Chamorro MenaREVIEW: «FARINELLI» BY BRETÓN AT THE TEATRO DE LA ZARZUELA
Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, belonging to a glorious line of actors and who made the introductions to each act at the height of what can be expected from this actor with a long and glittering career. Maite Beaumont's timbre , clear and sopranil in color, as well as just flow, lacks any particular appeal and rich timbre, but the singer is elegant and musical with a phrasing that is more careful than contrasted. Likewise, the Navarrese singer rightly dodged the agility of bel canto fliación required in many moments on her part, especially in her solo "I'm not a favorite." For her part, Nancy Fabiola Herrera, with a darker color and greater definition of mezzo, it wore well turned phrasing with the usual musical background. One of the great moments of the opera is the great duet between the two mezzo in the second act "I have to talk to you" that seals the break between Farinelli and Beatriz. The timbre of the young Mexican tenor Leonardo Sánchez is attractive, as can be seen in his beautiful romanza of act one sung with the appropriate lyrical effusion and youthful outburst, although apart from the improvement in the technical aspect it is wide and proof of this were those tensions in his promotions to the sharp fringe. The role of Jorge, Farinelli's father, a character who starts out strongly, gradually fades to regain prominence at the end of the play, was played by the Brazilian baritone Rodrigo Esteves - whom I saw another 22 years ago star in the same venue. of the operas of Breton, The Lovers of Teruel - with its genuinely lyrical timbre, but sonorous and well projected, as well as incisive accents.