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Madeleine Pierard


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24 May 2023www.smh.com.auSue Williams, Harriet Cunningham and Peter McCallum | Sydney Morning Herald
Expect serpents, ships, oxen and elephants in this opera superhero story
“Soprano Madeleine Pierard, as the twice-captured Arianna, had a voice of enamelled lustre, radiant in majestic moments and breathlessly deft in quick passagework. Against them, tenor Jacob Lawrence as Anastasio sang with a soft-surfaced lightly tanned hue, forthright without roughness. .”
20 November 2016NDREW CLARK, FINANCIAL TIMES, 22 JULY 2012
"The other seriously impressive contribution came from Madeleine Pierard: whether singing or not, she communicated temperament, style and personality, and her ample, flexible soprano has a spark." (Il Viaggio a Reims - The Royal Opera)
20 November 2016Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph 17 July 2015
"In the title role Madeleine Pierard sang with a lovely sheen and brought allure to the one showpiece aria, 'Depuis le jour'" (Louise, Buxton Festival/Stephen Barlow, July 2015
20 November 2016RIchard Morrison, The Times, 7 November 2016
Pierard’s performance was mesmerising: on top of Schoenberg’s fiendish vocal challenges, and with every facial and body movement signalling a different micro-facet of inner turmoil.
14 July 2016theoperacritic.comMichael Hooper
"Violetta herself is wonderfully cast and superbly executed. Madeleine Pierard brings not only coloratura but dramatic soprano skills, running, lighting and shading with ease, adding an earthy, chocolatey texture.. Pierard glides effortlessly through the notes, displaying spectacular breath control."