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06 November Giordano
Natalia Salinas dirigirá a la Sinfónica Nacional en el CCK
A young orchestra conductor specialized in contemporary music: Salinas is a kind of subversive in the universe of the orchestras.
07 November 2019deparaisoparaud.blogspot.comDonato Decina
Del Paraíso para Usted
Outstanding performance by Natalia Salinas with the National Symphonic Orchestra. [...]​ A concert formulated with intelligence in programming, in charge of an extraordinary Argentinean conductor.
12 November 2020www.salinasnatalia.comCarlos Ernesto Ure
About conductor Natalia Salinas
"[...] About conductor Natalia Salinas, it must be said that she made a very good impression due to the confidence and clarity with which she translated three complex and difficult works. As a result of a careful preparation, her handling of levels was irreproachable, as well as her conceptual precision, without prejudice of some too vigorous volumes, stripped of recondite interrogat...