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8 Feb - 8 Feb 2023
The Blue Woman, Bowler,  
Royal Opera House Britten Pears Arts Royal Opera House Britten Pears Arts  | Performances (6)
  | Conductor: Jamie Man
 | Stage director: Katie Mitchell
07 July 2022www.broadwayworld.comAlexander Cohen
Review: THE BLUE WOMAN, Royal Opera House
A modern Gesamtkunstwerk, The Blue Woman moulds music, singing, poetry, and film into a unique artistic experience. But unlike a Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk with a vast narrative scope, The Blue Woman has a narrow, almost solipsistic, focus, choosing to deepen rather than expand its focal point. Unflinchingly navigating the psychological landscape of a woman processing the trauma of a...
07 July 2022www.theguardian.comErica Jeal
The Blue Woman review – tensely atmospheric opera of violence on women
Bowler’s score, conducted by Jamie Man, plays with our perceptions. We can see the singers and cellists, but there are other sounds compounding them that seem to come from nowhere, generated by a percussionist, or the voiceover of Lomas’s words – or, mainly, the detailed electronic manipulation of all of the above. The cellists – Louise McMonagle, Su-a Lee, Tamaki Sugimoto and Clare ...
08 July Quinn
A levelling of the scales? New feminist opera from Laura Lomas and Laura Bowler arrives at The Linbury:
Laura Bowler’s score is what happens when opera meets ambient. More specifically, if Harrison Birtwistle’s tense use of strings met Brian Eno’s repetitive and sustained style. It’s filled with carefully thought out percussion, the kind where you think something is about to take your eye out, and hair-raising vocalisations. Combined with Laura Lomas’s poetic libretto, which uses fragm...