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9 aug 2022 - 9 júl 2021
Madama Butterfly, Puccini,  
Teatro Regio di Torino   |  Regio Opera Festival5 Performances
04 júl 2021www.apemusicale.itAntonino TrottaAround Butterfly
Antonio Poli is a rightly bold and pleasant Pinkerton, he boasts a beautiful timbre and a good solidity of emission: he approaches the lieutenant of the Navy with enthusiasm to enhance his boastful arrogance, he faces the duet with an excited phrasing to emphasize that the text uttered there is governed only by the ardor of the pelvis, he finally sings "Addio, fiorito asil" with a hint of sincere emotion, also exhibiting beautiful half voices there. Alessio Verna, usually listened to in smaller parts alongside, with Sharpless has the opportunity to highlight a baritone instrument of beautiful color and good volume which, combined with good acting and musical skills, helps the construction of a very multifaceted character . Excellent Suzuki Koberidze while Didier Pieri, in the role of Goro, he proves to have a disciplined voice engaged in very elegant singing. Welcomed by warm open-stage applause in the closed-mouth choir-interlude, the Chorus of the Teatro Regio di Torino confirms that it is an excellence of the Turin institution. The cast is correctly completed by Franco Rizzo (imperial commissioner), Roberta Garelli (Kate Pinkerton), Sofia La Cara (Butterfly's son) and the actor Yuri D'Agostino who, in the narration of the story, embodies Giacomo Puccini. At the helm of the Orchestra of the Teatro Regio in Turin Pier Giorgio Morandi behaves diligently. Of course, in a show where the music proceeds intermittently, constructing a complete and complete speech, getting an idea and giving an idea of ​​one's own reading of Butterfly is difficult, if not impossible - especially in a twentieth century opera where they fail. closed numbers -, however in the isolated interventions one cannot fail to recognize the expert hand of the concertmaster who knows how to keep an eye on the pit and stage without renouncing the construction of functional atmospheres for the dramatic moment. Finally, the show, already presented to the public in Piazza San Carlo several years ago. On the cuts, inevitable due to the nature of the show that has been chosen to offer, we overlook - among the various renunciations, the "flower duet" could however be saved -. The direction Vittorio Borrelli, with scenes by Claudia Boasso and costumes by Laura Viglione is essential if not reduced to the bone: this peculiarity, however, helps Vittorio Sabadin's already well-directed adaptation to focus mainly on the human drama of Butterfly, to speak without laughter of sex tourism - in this regard, how can we forget the magnificent show by Michieletto born at the Regio itself -, without giving much attention to that oleography of a manner that often suffocates and leads to misunderstand this masterpiece
27 jún - 7 júl 2018
Don Giovanni, Mozart,  
Teatro Regio di Torino4 Performances
Teatro Regio
28 jún 2018www.mtglirica.comMaria Teresa GiovagnoliDON GIOVANNI, W. A. MOZART – TEATRO REGIO DI TORINO, MERCOLEDI’ 27 GIUGNO 2018
The sinner Don Giovanni is an expert and easygoing Carlos Álvarez , who combines stage presence with a vocal power at the service of a mature character, a Don Giovanni who knows his stuff and does not have to prove anything to those around him. Brilliant and vocally fit, Mirco Palazzi's Leporello : witty anguished as much by the fate of his master as and above all by his own, it offers a vocal richness that goes far beyond its texture and a truly captivating interpretation. Among the victims of the dissolute, Erika Grimaldi's Donna Anna offers a heartfelt and heartfelt song, albeit with a particular voice that sometimes needs to open closed vowels to better direct the sound. The other seduced and also abandoned is a dynamicCarmela Remigio in the role of Donna Elvira: a whirlwind of a strong-willed and vindictive woman, who makes centers her strong point vocally, effective scenically. Anna's betrothed is a concentrate of sweetness and patience embodied in the tenor Juan Francisco Gatell . Being able to sing both of his arias in this production, for 'Dalla sua pace' he is literally 'lulled' by the orchestra giving a particularly incisive force to the words expressed. On the other hand, the agility as regards 'My treasure' in the second act can be perfected. Zerlina is a lively and by no means naive Rocío Ignacio , very breezy and who plays with his timbre the good Masetto of Fabio Maria Capitanucci . Finally, a great interpretation of the Commendatore byGianluca Buratto : his voice is wide and truly sonorous, which almost seems to dominate the orchestra when he sings in the pit as a statue. Maestro Daniele Rustioni conducts the orchestra of the Regio . Many colors of Mozart notes, precise and appropriate dynamics, maximum attention to the stage. The young conductor navigates safe water in the score and also seems to us to be in excellent feeling with the orchestra. In the most lyrical moments it is enriched with accents that almost move. Good performance by the choir directed by Andrea Secchi. Crowded hall, particularly satisfied audience with all the creators of the show, from the artists to the director.