Act I

Description: One The High Priest Ramfis informs the head of the palace guard, Radames, that the Ethiopians are again going to war against Egypt. The goddess Isis has already named the name of the one who will lead the troops against the enemy. Radames dreams that it is he who will be elected commander. Returning victorious, he hopes to reclaim his homeland for Aida, an Ethiopian captive for whom he has feelings. The daughter of the king of Egypt, Amneris, sees the excitement of Radames. When Aida accidentally appears, Amneris notices their fiery gazes. The messenger brings news of the approach of enemies. The pharaoh announces the will of the gods: Radames is elected commander. Aida is torn between feelings for Radames and thoughts about her father, because she is the daughter of the king of Ethiopia, Amonasro. Desperate, Aida prays to the gods to send her a solution. Radames undergoes a ceremony of initiation into commanders. Priests and priestesses bless him for battle.

Act II

Description: Amneris awaits the return of Radames. By deception, she finds out the secret about the feelings of her slave. Amneris demands that Aida forget about Radames. The winners are greeted on the square. Troops led by Radames march in a solemn march, followed by prisoners. Among them, Aida recognizes her father, but Amonasro asks her daughter not to give his name and dignity - the Ethiopian king is considered dead. As a reward for the victory, Radames asks for freedom for the prisoners. The pharaoh complies with the request, but leaves Aida and her father as hostages. Radames' reward will be the hand of his daughter.


Description: Amneris, accompanied by Ramfis, goes to the temple on the banks of the Nile, so that the gods bless her for the wedding with the victorious commander. Here, on the shore, Aida is waiting for a meeting with Radames. Suddenly, Amonasro appears. He demands from his daughter to find out the path along which Radames will lead his troops, then the fatherland will be saved. Aida begs Radames to flee Egypt: in Ethiopia they can be together. When Radames tells of a path not occupied by Egyptian troops, a triumphant Amonasro reveals himself. Radames realizes that he committed a betrayal. At this time, Amneris comes out of the temple. Amonasro and Aida manage to escape. Radames surrenders into the hands of the priests.

Act IV

Description: Accused of treason, Radames must appear before the court of the priests. To save him from execution, Amneris begs Radames to give up Aida. Aida's father is killed, but she managed to escape. Radames rejects Amneris' proposal. The priests sentence him to death. A block of stone closes the entrance to the dungeon where Radames is imprisoned. All his thoughts are about Aida, who is somewhere far away and, perhaps, happy. But Aida secretly entered the dungeon and waited for him. Together they say goodbye to life. From above comes the singing of the priestesses - a triumph in the temple. Amneris mourns for Radames and prays to the gods to send her peace and comfort.