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Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre , Petropavlovskaya Ulitsa, 25а, Perm, Perm Krai, 614045

Full Production Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Stage director
Lighting designer
Set designer
Chorus master
Cendrillon (Cinderella)
Le Prince Charmant (Prince Charming)
La Fée (The Fairy)
Noémie (Noemie)
Dorothée (Dorothee)
Le Roi (The King)
Le Doyen de la Faculté (The Dean of the Faculty)
Le Surintendant des plaisirs (Master of Ceremonies)
Le Premier Ministre (The Prime Minister)



About the work

ACTION ONE Pandolph bitterly regrets that he changed the peace of a widower and a village life for a life full of anxiety and hardships. He married a second time and is now forced to obey his wife - the grumpy Madame de la Altier, who became an unkind stepmother for his beloved daughter Lucette. The daughters of Madame de la Altier, Noemi and Dorothea, gather for the royal ball under the guidance of an ambitious mother. Cinderella - as the half-sisters called Lucette - is sad alone, because her destiny is only to dream of a royal holiday. Having redone all the housework, tired, she falls asleep. A wonderful dream gives the poor girl a meeting with the Fairy Godmother, who instructs the elves to make Cinderella's dreams come true. But with one condition: when the clock strikes midnight, the girl must leave the ball. ACT TWO Prince Charman lives in loneliness and sorrow in a magnificent palace. The courtiers try in vain to make the young man smile: there is only longing and sadness in his heart. He dreams of the one that could make him truly happy. The king announces his will to his son: at the festive ball, the prince must choose his bride. While dancing, the guests try to attract the attention of the prince. In vain. His gaze is fixed on a beautiful stranger. But here's the weird thing: she refuses to tell him her name. As soon as the clock begins to strike midnight, the mysterious guest disappears as mysteriously as she appeared. ACTION THREE Cinderella thanks the Fairy Godmother for a wonderful gift. But how should she be now? Leaving the ball in a hurry, she lost her crystal slipper. Back home, Noemi and Dorothea continue to discuss a stranger who suddenly appeared at the ball and behaved "disgusting." An imposter, not recognized by the prince - it is understandable why she disappeared from the palace so quickly. Alarmed by their backbiting, Cinderella falls unconscious. Pandolph tries to console her daughter, but Cinderella does not want a heavy burden for her father, she does not want to see him sad again. She decides to leave alone - "to climb the mountain of oblivion" forever - since happiness is impossible. Cinderella finds herself in the magic kingdom of the Fairies. The prince is also here - desperate to find a mysterious stranger. They do not see each other, but their hearts cry out in unison: so great is the suffering - may dreams come true! Love overshadows their souls. A magical dream unites lovers.