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Hungarian State Opera House , Budapest, Andrássy út 22, Hungary

Full Production Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Stage director
Costume designer
Set designer
Der Kaiser (The Emperor)
Die Kaiserin (The Empress)
Die Amme (The nurse)
Der Geisterbote (The messenger of Keikobad)
Der Hüter der Schwelle des Tempels (The guardian of the temple threshold)
Die Stimme des Jünglings (The apparition of a youth)
Falke (The voice of a falcon)
Eine Stimme von oben (A voice from above)
Die Färberin (The dyer's wife)
Der Einäugige (The one-eyed man)
Der Einarmige (The one-armed man)
Der Bucklinge (The hunchback)
1. Stimme der Wächter der Stadt (First town watchman)
2. Stimme der Wächter der Stadt (Second town watchman)
3. Stimme der Wächter der Stadt (Third town watchman)
1. Stimme der Ungeborenen (First voice of the unborn)
2. Stimme der Ungeborenen (Second voice of the unborn)
3. Stimme der Ungeborenen (Third voice of the unborn)
4. Stimme der Ungeborenen (Fourth voice of the unborn)
5. Stimme der Ungeborenen (Fifth voice of the unborn)
6. Stimme der Ungeborenen (Sixth voice of the unborn)
1. Dienerin (First servant)
2. Dienerin (Second servant)

About the work

The child of the ruler of the spirit world changed from a wounded gazelle to a beautiful girl. Hunter and prey fell in love: the fairy girl became the Empress of the South Island. Since then, light has passed through his body as if it were made of glass: he is trapped between the spirit and human worlds. If you fail to gain a shadow, the emperor will become a stone ... A tale born during the war about humanity, self-sacrifice, appreciation of our happiness.
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