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Teatro Donizetti , Piazza Cavour 15, Bergamo, Italy

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Cast & Crew

Stefano Giaroli
Stage director
Costume designer
Set designer
Cantieri d'Arte

About the work

Al Cavallino Bianco is, after La Vedova Allegra , the second operetta in Europe today in terms of popularity and notoriety. Suffice it to say that, without going back to its numerous reappearances on the scene between the two wars, the brilliant show is still represented today in the most important theaters in Europe. Well, these summary but eloquent statistical data is matched by another no less significant observation: the work has always been performed in front of exhausted theaters. Like all great theatrical successes, even that of Al Cavallino Biancohas its own little history, largely linked to the curious singularity that his music, although generally signed by Ralph Benatzky, is actually due to as many as five composers. And it is this particularity that makes it so fresh, varied and joyful. Things went like this. Around 1930 a witty comedy was arousing waves of laughter on the German scenes in which a cheerful satire of holidays near the high mountain lakes was made. It was the frank comedy of the story that suggested to two Berlin theater experts, Erich Charell and Hans Müller, to draw inspiration for a hilarious musical comedy: an operetta-magazine, in short, the link between operetta and musical. On November 10, 1930, reviewing the world premiere of Al Cavallino Bianco, the Berliner Tageblatt wrote: "This operetta is a subscription to happiness, a man cannot expect more." This is also the spirit of the staging of the Compagnia Teatro Musica Novecento, with a rich and sparkling dramaturgy, with the characters well characterized in their peculiar sympathy. We are in Austria, on Lake S. Wolfgang, where the Hotel Al Cavallino Bianco is located. The first waiter of the hotel, Leopoldo, loves the beautiful owner Gioseffa, who, however, does not deserve him a glance because he turns his attention to a young Italian client, the lawyer Giorgio Bellati who, like every year, spends his holidays on the the needle…
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