Aug'21 - Aug'21
WPWorld premiere
NPNational Premiere
Languages:  German, French, English, DanishSurtitles:   Danish

Venue details

Musikhuset Aarhus , Skovgaardsgade 2C, 8000 Aarhus Municipality, Aarhus C, Denmark

Full Production Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Stage director
Lighting designer
Costume designer
Set designer
Aarhus Symphony Orchestra
Den Jyske Operas Kor
King Frederik VIII
Queen Lovisa
Madame Rosa
Assistant physician
Firstst journalist
Hotel Director
Caretaker Schmock
Constable Konietzke
Court Marshal
Otto, old customer
First Journalist
Second Journalist
Third Journalist



About the work

INCOGNITO ROYAL - ACTION Read the full summary of the action at Karsten Fundal's new opera with text and idea by Philipp Kochheim. First act Scene 1 - MAY 14, 1912, 23:00 A mad doctor and his sinister assistant are about to examine the body of an unknown person. A hotel director runs in and reveals that the unknown man is the King of Denmark, who has disappeared a few hours before. They start arguing about who owns the body. Two policemen arrive and try in vain to resolve the situation. Scene 2 A diabolical conference steps in front of the stage curtain and sings the ballad about the poor King Frederik on the 8th. Scene 3 - 15 MAY 1912, 04:00 At the hotel, Hofmarskallen and his staff wait with increasing nervousness for the missing king; unclean ticks. The queen is inconsolable. Finally, the hotel director returns and conveys the sad news from the port's mortuary, Hafenkrankenhaus . Scene 4 - 15 MAY 1912, 09:00 Some journalists are preparing to broadcast the news to the whole world. The presenter reveals their dirty secrets to the audience. Scene 5 - MAY 14, 1912, 19:15 The King and Queen have an argument. Frederik longs for love, but Lovisa is cold; she mourns her fate as King Frederik's wife. Scene 6 - 15 MAY 1912, 11:00 More and more rumors arise about the cause of death. Has the King visited a brothel? The two loud-mouthed policemen open the press conference. Scene 7 - 14 MAY 1912, 19:00 In a shabby brothel, some prostitutes are waiting for customers. Otto, an old man singing shows around his lusts. Madame Rosa tries to elevate the discipline on the spot and teaches sexual techniques. Suddenly a customer arrives that they have never seen before. The king is there incognito under the name Count Kronborg. All the girls pretend, but Frederik chooses the youngest and most shy, Fanny. Scene 8 The presenter sings the song about The Royal Worms . He expresses the first doubt as to whether King Frederik is a good subject for an operetta. Scene 9 All actors enter the stage and demand more time and more arias. King Frederik inspects the actors in his operetta and wants to go somewhere else. Second act Scene 1 - MAY 15, 1912, 18:00 The two policemen, now heavily intoxicated, are angry that they have been made fun of. A fight ensues. Scene 2 In a surreal scene, the Queen sings a famous aria, while the presenter acts as a kind of circus director at full gallop. Scene 3 - MAY 14, 1912, 19:45 Fanny and Frederik the 8th have retired to Fanny's room. However, the king just wants to talk to her. They recognize each other's loneliness. The king has a heart attack. Madame Rosa decides to hide the body out of the way for fear of the police. Scenes 4 and 5 - 15 MAY 1912, 19:00 A group of journalists are forced by the police to remain silent and not tell the truth. Meanwhile, Madame Rosa, who pretends to know the "truth", is interviewed. Fake news arises. Scene 6 and Scene 7 The actors start the first scene again in the hope of improving the performance, but soon they end up in a quarrel over the underlying themes etc. The queen arrives and reveals that the man everyone thought was King Frederik the 8th. is not her husband, but a German baritone. Everyone on stage is stunned - they will soon need a finale.
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