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Alisher Navoï Theatre , Moustafa Kamoul Atatürk 28, Bukhara Street, Tashkent 100029, Uzbekistan

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Uzbek-aim, Atabek's mother
Oftob-aim, Kumush's mother
Kurboshi, police chief


About the work

Prologue The novel I have conceived "Days bygone" just the first try, just a dream of this kind. With this in mind, I decided to devote my story to the past, the bloodiest days of the past, dirty and dark days of our history - "the time of the last khans". (Abdullah Qadiri) I action 1 painting Navruz Navruz holiday in Margelan's garden. Gathered people, tightrope walkers, masqueraboses. Everyone congratulates each other. Here is Atabek, he came from Tashkent to establish trade. Seeing the stranger Hamid and Rahmat come up to him to find out who he is and where he is from. Girls appear, they have fun, among them is Kumush. Atabek, amazed by the beauty of Kumush, buys a white scarf for her and passes it on through the masquerabose. Kumush gladly accepts it. Hamid also hands over the handkerchief, but this time Kumush rejects the gift. Hamid looks at Atabek with hatred. The heralds announce the sayil (festivities). Scene 2 Rendezvous The gate of the house of the kutidor, on a narrow street, the willows casting a shadow. Hamid wanders for a long time at the gate of the kutidor, dreaming about his daughter, the beautiful Kumush, then leaves. Kumush comes out of the gate, take some water. Looking at her reflection in the water, she takes out the handkerchief she had donated and plunges into the memories of the young man. Atabek hides behind a tree and spies on her. Kumush, realizing that she was being watched, runs into the yard and drops his handkerchief. Atabek raises his handkerchief and stands rooted to the spot. Hasanali is watching this picture from the side. And, realizing what was the matter, he learns from Hamid, who has appeared again, about the girl and her family and invites Atabek to capture Kumush. 3 painting Wedding House of Mirzakarim kutidor. The girls gathered. The matchmakers bring Kumush, but she is not at all cheerful. All her thoughts are about that young man who gave the handkerchief. Her heart bleeds, thinking that she will no longer meet with her beloved. Atabek comes into the house with friends. Atabeka and Kumush lead each other and leave alone. Kumush stands without raising his head and moves away from him when he wants to take her hand. Atabek holds out a handkerchief. Kumush looks up. There is no limit to her surprise and happiness. Before her is the one who enveloped her soul in love. Numb with unexpected happiness, they stretch out their hands to each other. At this time, a distraught Hamid stands at the gates of Mirzakarim, burning with rage. Now he will take revenge on his opponent. He gives the money to Kurbashi so that he can take the paper from him - a denunciation of Atabek. 4 picture The Court of Kushbegi is seated in his office, next to the secretary Pirmat, Kurbashi and other noble people of the city. Before him are Atabek and Mirzakarim kutidor on their knees, with their hands tied. Kushbegi reads the verdict for their arrest, accusing them of mutiny. They are sentenced to death by hanging. The executioner takes the prisoners away. At this time, Pirmat reports that a woman has come, she brought a paper. Kushbegi, having read the letter, asks to return the arrested as soon as possible. This is a letter from Tashkent, thanks to which Atabek and Mirzakarim kutidor were acquitted. Atabek's father condemns the actions of Azizbek, the enemy of Kushbegi and the Kokand Khan. Kushbegi orders the slanderers to be tried. Atabek and Kumush are together again. II action 5 picture Conspiracy Tashkent. House of Yusufbek-haji - father of Atabek. The Uzbek-aim is happy to sit in the yard and preen. She decided to marry her son in Tashkent so that he would be at home more often, or maybe completely forget his Margilanka, which bewitched him. Yusufbek is not very happy about this, because Atabek himself does not want to marry a second time. But, despite this, Uzbek-aim has already married a bride in Tashkent, and it is useless for a noble family to be untrue to this word. Atabek warns his mother that she can make the poor girl unhappy because he does not love her at all. But that didn't stop her. A year has passed. Atabek sends Hasanali to Margilan for Kumush. Uzbek-aim, Mohira and other women enthusiastically accept Kumush. Everyone is amazed at the beauty of the Margilanka. Only Zainab is not happy, with a strained smile she meets her rival, unlike Kumush, who greets her like a sister. Hasanali, knowing the long separation of his loved ones, arranges a private meeting between Atabek and Kumush. Yearning, they throw themselves into each other's arms. Kumush's eyes, wet with tears, shine with happiness. Zainab is getting more and more unhappy every day, she sees how her husband is going crazy with love for Kumush and is burning with jealousy. She shares her share with her sister, who advises her not to put up with her fate, and encourages her to poison Kumush. Zainab decides that he will not give her husband Kumush and takes poison from her. Scene 6 Death Loud joyful female exclamations are heard. The cry of a newborn with a call to prayer sounds especially solemn. Otabek became a father! He hurries to Kumush's room and meets Zainab, who is carrying a cup of Kumush. She congratulates him on the birth of her son, her speech is agitated. Atabek, noticing her confusion, tries to find out the reason. But Zainab says that she was simply frightened of childbirth, and that she worries about Kumush, because she has suffered, poor thing. Atabek is surprised, because his mother told him that the birth was easy. Zainab, saying that this is not a man's business, sends him to eat, but she herself decides to add poison to the food of Kumush. Kumush is exhausted. Aybaldak does not leave her. A doctor came to examine Kumush. He understands that this is not about childbirth, this is something else. He asks if Kumush has eaten today and if there are any leftovers left. Atabek gives the cup to the healer, which he saw in the hands of Zainab. He dips the tip of his finger, gently tastes it, then spits it out, informing him that there is poison. Atabek shouts to Zainab “Talok, talok, talok” (divorce). Yusufbek curses her. Zainab, who has lost her mind, rushes to Atabek calling herself his Kumush. They chase her away. She's going crazy. Kumush is in agony. Atabek asks Kumush not to leave him, because life without her has no meaning for him, but she dies. Heartbroken Atabek takes his son in his arms and realizes that he is not alone.
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