Lucia loves Edgard, the last survivor of the rival Ravenswood family. You are in danger. Lucia's dreams tell of this: she sees a dead woman and the well into which her body was thrown turns red like blood. But Lucia does not want to renounce her love, not even when Edgard has to leave the country, his infidelity is feigned to her and she is urged to a political marriage with Lord Arthur. And yet she puts her signature on the marriage contract – and suddenly Edgard is back and is supposed to renounce his love. A ring falls to the ground, the nightmare begins - at night under lightning and thunder, in madness and blood, a corpse, another one and one last. What time will heal these wounds? "One fears and suffers with this Lucia, who gives Sophia Theodorides a great acting and singing format. [...] In the shocking madness aria, instead of words, she only finds desperate tones for what was done to her, that bring tears to your eyes coming - stunning" (Westfälische Nachrichten)htmare begins – at night under lightning and thunder, in delusion and blood, a corpse, one more and one last. What time does it take to heal these wounds?