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Janáčkovo divadlo , Rooseveltova 1-7, Brno, Czech Republic



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The player's passion for relationships does not prove it! Three, seven, ace… three cards that always win. The secret that the young Tsarist officer Heřman sacrifices not only sacrifices his love affair with the young Lisa, but for whom he also becomes a murderer. His desire for money and social status will disrupt the lives of everyone around him and eventually lead to madness and suicide. The penultimate Tchaikovsky Opera was commissioned by the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, and as in the case of Eugene Onegin, the composer turned to the literary legacy of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin for the theme. However, Tchaikovsky made a significant impact on the original and even wrote the lyrics to some arias himself. Although the Queen of Spadessketched by the composer in just 44 days, he is clearly the work of an experienced opera author and playwright. He brought a masterful psychological drawing of the main characters into the originally romantic story of great love with a mystical plot, which he endowed with a number of both dramatic and lyrical musical passages. The Queen of Spades is rightly one of Tchaikovsky's most successful operas.
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