The famous book "Pünktchen und Anton" by Erich Kästner has inspired many generations of children. The Austrian composer Iván Eröd set the adventures of Pünktchen and Anton to music and composed a one-hour, entertaining, musically varied opera. Berlin in the early 1930s. Luise, called Pünktchen, grew up in a rich family. Her parents have so much money that they can even hire the cook Berta and the nanny Fräulein Andacht. Pünktchen is friends with Anton, who can only dream of money and luxury: his mother is ill, and in order to contribute to the meager household budget, he secretly sells shoelaces in the evenings. With a lot of imagination and imaginative games, Püntchen and Anton lighten up his predicament a bit. And through attentive observation and courageous action, the two friends even prevent a criminal case involving Miss Andacht and her shady fiancé Robert the Devil...