Malte Roesner, Bass, Dramaturge, Translator
Malte Roesner

Malte Roesner

Bass, Dramaturge, Translator


"Roesner’s Doristo gives not only his splendid resonant voice to the plethora of female sound but its weight. And we welcome it. Round and luxuriant, from opening scene [...] to Finale, [...] Not a drop of unnecessary chastity, even in idea, here."
Lois Silverstein
In any case, the role of Doristo was robustly sung by German bass-baritone Malte Roesner. His deep, dark voice was powerful.
James Roy MacBean
Roesner was funny, moved well, sang beautifully, and looked like sex on a stick.
I admired German bass-baritone Malte Roesner’s Doristo, which had tonal beauty and comic energy to spare.
Michael Zwiebach
German bass-baritone Malte Roesner brought a combination of tonal heft and comic presence to his North American debut.
Joshua Kosman
With his dark-toned bass-baritone, Malte Roesner excelled in the Süssmayr songs.
James Roy MacBean
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