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Evita, Lloyd Webber
D: Bob TomsonBill Kenwright
C: David Steadman

The show seen in Turin, directed by Bob Tomson and Bill Kenwright , the choreography by Bill Deamer , the sets and costumes by Matthew Wright , the lights by Tim Oliver and the sound by Dan Samson , is of very enjoyable effectiveness, but above all it rests on the shoulders of a superb company. Formidable the dancer, singer and actor Gian Marco Schiaretti , already known for having taken part in Italy in musicals such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Romeo and Juliet, Tarzan and Snow White , who as a hypercritical narrator of Evita's life, observes her parable, from rise to collapse, with moments of great effectiveness in the song “ Oh What a Circus! ”, Sung while the man of the people, after Evita's death, makes fun of his“ divinization ”with caustic tones. She is played by Madalena Alberto , a Portuguese singer and actress who boasts an enviable career in the musical on the London stage; has a voice that immediately conquers, which not only knows how to find eloquent yet delicate tones in a splendid " Don't Cry For Me, Argentina " - famous page, sung at the opening of the second act, on the balcony of the Casa Rosada by election of the President just happened and in front of a crowd of cheering supporters - but in the end he knows how to be touching in portraying the scenes of pain with moving effectiveness. All the others are good, including Jeremy Secomb , in the role of Perón, President of Argentina and husband of Evita, so close-knit and well-suited to their parts that they leave their mark. At the end of the show, one leaves the theater and ends up believing in the tale of Evita, a woman who has become an icon for her homeland, protector of the needy and of those " descamisados " who carried their protector in their hearts, a symbol of elegance and an ability to understand and take charge of the needs of a people who idolized her, making her a sort of lay saint of her time, or rather, without the risk of falling into myth, an expert in mass communication.

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21 May 2018www.rivistamusical.comAlessandro Mormile

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