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From the realm of fantasy. Chelyabinsk Opera House will show the opera "Sadko" in a new way

The opera house is currently running dress rehearsals for the season. It will be opened with the opera "Sadko". Never before has a fairy-tale performance been staged on the Chelyabinsk stage. A Novosibirsk director and artists from St. Petersburg were invited to create a modern and dynamic production. They promise that something from the realm of fantasy will happen on the stage. Therefore, we worked on technical tricks and tricks for quite a long time, the correspondent of the South Ural State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company reports A very realistic fire-breathing dragon will appear on the scene. So the effect of complete immersion is ensured. The musical interpretation itself will not be entirely classical: the epic canvas has been turned into a concise and dynamic performance so that modern viewers do not get bored. However, "Sadko" is the hero who is perhaps close to each of us. He is a dreamy and benevolent adventurer. He decides to put everything at stake in order to win untold riches. And, of course, modern opera cannot do without video projections. They were created especially for the Chelyabinsk performance by the outstanding Russian video artist Vadim Dulenko. By the way, he was the one who worked on the music video "I am a crow" by singer Linda, which revolutionized the music industry. The rest of the secrets have not yet been revealed.

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09 August 2020www.cheltv.rucheltv

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