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La Bohème, Puccini
D: Kathleen Smith Belcher
C: David Charles Abell
Laughing on the outside, crying on the inside: La Bohème in Kansas City

Sylvia D'Eramo as Musetta was a scene stealer as well she is meant to be in Act 2. Her voice was distinctive – highly florid and excitable – but it seemed entirely apt for the part of the demi-mondaine, intent on playing one man off against the other. Watching her, I thought “power and puerility”, that capacity to flaunt her feminine charms edged by the tinge of desperation. Who did she belong to? It was played just right, and the gesture of depositing the bill with the “respectable” homme d’affaires met its target.

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11 November 2019bachtrack.comHilary Stroh
Review: Kansas City Lyric Opera presents Puccini’s La bohème*

While the male Bohemians provided a joyful start to the opera, Sylvia D’Eramo’s Musetta stole the show in the second act. Although a relative newcomer to the opera scene, D’Eramo’s powerful, agile voice stood out, particularly in the way it floated above Puccini’s thick orchestration better than any of the other cast members. Moreover, although it could seem as though she overacted in Act 2, the decision to do so matched Musetta’s over-the-top character.

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01 February 2020www.diakcritical.comAaron Grant

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