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La Chute de la maison Usher, Debussy
D: Anna ViebrockJoachim Rathke
C: Benjamin Reiners
"House of Usher" - In the house of horror

The evening began with an interesting and funny doubling of what was happening on stage in the video. And especially in the middle part of the piece, an eerie portrait of the stone monster with its hidden corners and corridors is drawn on the revolving stage. It is a house where the sun enters only to die. The lightbulb flickers, in a wooden chamber an illuminated fan creates a spooky atmosphere. In part, Anna Viebrock collages older productions here, accompanied by Debussy's deceptive soundscapes. But when video sequences are recorded after the actual piece, recorded inside the National Theater, accompanied by dialogues from Elio Petri's science fiction film "La decima vittima", it all becomes too much, too vague, too slapstick. In the end, the extension of the piece has almost no effect at all, at least the viewer doesn't really get closer to Lady Madeline. It would have been better if the line had been drawn earlier. This leaves 90 long minutes with only restrained applause.

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15 April 2019www.rnz.deJesper Klein

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