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Die Gezeichneten, Schreker
D: Johannes von Matuschka
C: Mark Rohde
State Opera impresses with “The Drawn” by Franz Schreker

the guest Jordan Shanahan was also cleverly threaded into the duel with crutches and sticks. The singer, who was born in Hawaii, stood in for Brian Davis, who was ill, and cuts a fine figure as Tamare, both vocally and playfully.

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07 April 2019www.haz.deRainer Wagner
Don Carlo (Italian version), Verdi
D: Robert Carsen
C: Andrea Sanguineti
Robert Carsen convierte en sencillo el Don Carlos

Jordan Shanahan's interpretation of the Marquis de Posa is simply captivating and vocally exceptional, with a sovereign articulation at the service of an assumed passion. This culminates in the monologue and the aria of Rodrigo's death, models of sincerity and modesty. The character is also well tempered and his clothing, the cassock with which the character dresses in the middle of the opera, seems to question his deep righteousness.

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29 March 2022www.mundoclasico.comJuan Carlos Tellechea

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