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Love And Transvestment Sung By Horses

The Baroque Orchestra of the Festival is splendid. Sober, elegant like a choreography, directed by Olivier Lexa. The frame of the Ca' Pesaro atrium adds charm to the representation.

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13 July 2014ricerca.repubblica.itDino villatico

Past Production Reviews

L'Eritrea, Caletti-Bruni
D: Olivier Lexa
C: Stefano Montanari
Baroque games and disguises

By bringing the staging to the historic Ca' Pesaro instead of to the theatre, it was necessary to resize the space for action. Lexa preferred to focus on the comic vein of the story, ensured by the disguises and erotic references of the text.

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14 July 2014www.giornaledellamusica.itDinko Fabris
"Eritrea" saved from the waters

Some evenings, by extraordinary, the Ca' Pesaro is transformed into an opera house. This was the case in mid-July. The Baroque Music Center of Venice recreated L'Eritrea by Francesco Cavalli , an opera that thrilled the City of the Doges in the middle of the seicento and has since dragged among the ghosts of the lagoon.

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15 July 2014www.lefigaro.frAriane Bavelier