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Die glückliche Hand, Schoenberg, Arnold
D: Benjamin Prins
C: Enrico CalessoGabor Hontvári
Director Benjamin Prins draws a common thread through Schönberg and Puccini

The work formed the first part of a double evening with which the Würzburg Mainfranken Theater started its new season. Because the main building in the city center is still being renovated, one is currently playing a little outside, in the Blaue Halle theater factory, which a local thermal box company, which has been particularly flourishing since the outbreak of the pandemic, is making available to the theater. Of course, there is no stage machinery there, but the orchestra pit and the uniform stage design, which in this production is dominated by a large wall painting with Cupid and Lustknaben in a kitschy baroque style, have a considerable width (design: Pascal Seibicke ).

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20 September 2021www.opern.newsStephan Burianek

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