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Longing apparatus with alpine illusions

Toni Burghard Friedrich's “White Horse Inn” turns into a surprise box at the Dresden State Operetta. [...] director Toni Burghard Friedrich presents a refreshingly humorous reading of the popular stage hit on his debut at the house. [...] No, you really won't miss anything in this "Rössl". [...] Christian Grygas gives a wonderfully rushed waiter Leopold [...] Laila Salome Fischer shown as a strict businesswoman who does not allow herself to be looked into her heart so quickly. [...] Markus Liske, as Wilhelm Giesecke from Berlin, brings life-loving local color into play. The "Rössl" is not Mallorca, but it is still fun - which his daughter Ottilie, who shows Christina Maria Fercher as a lively bee, also takes care of. [...] The surprise of the evening is probably Ella Rombouts as the housemaid Kathi. Both vocally and playfully, she repeatedly attracts attention and seduces the beautiful Sigismund alias Riccardo Romeo into a passionate kiss with a lot of humor. [...] Quick-witted dialogues, delicious comedy situations, clever choreographies (Marie-Christin Zeisset) and the enthusiastic joy of playing of the ensemble, which radiates into the orchestra pit, make the evening a carefree pleasure. [...] The orchestra of the Dresden State Operetta, under the direction of Johannes Pell, impressively proves that less can actually be more.

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