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Le comte Ory, Rossini
D: Moshe LeiserPatrice Caurier
C: Victorien Vanoosten
The New Year arrives with laughter in Zurich, on the notes of Le Comte Ory

They even manage somewhat to navigate the impossible scene in Act 2 when all three main characters are in bed together, Isolier dressed up as Adèle, the deceived Count Ory passionately embracing him, Adèle hiding in Isolier’s arms. The scene is not exactly believable, but it’s pretty funny. Rossini recycled most of Il viaggio a Reims’ music for this farce, adding an unusually short and unimpressive overture, a couple of charming duets, and a sensational trio for the three-in-the-bed scene. It is astonishing how Rossini manages to write spectacular music for the silliest of situations. This scene (worthy of panto) requires the whole toolbox of an experienced singer: legato, precision, control, coloratura, perfect intonation and (most of all) elegance. How you sing with elegance when you are pretending to be in bed with all the wrong people and everybody is guffawing in the audience is beyond me, but the trio of principals in Zurich did precisely that, and it was great.

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02 January 2022bachtrack.comLaura Servidei
Zürich: LE COMTE ORY, 16.01.2022

Der wollüstige Graf Ory will von der kriegsbedingten Abwesenheit vieler Ehemänner im Land profitieren, verkleidet sich als Eremit und als Nonne, um sich so an die Frauen, welche ein Keuschheitsgelübde abgelegt haben, heranzumachen, wird aber immer wieder enttarnt und muss schliesslich von dannen ziehen, ohne zum Ziel gelangt zu sein.

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16 January 2022www.oper-aktuell.infoKaspar Sannemann

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